Monday, March 02, 2015

A Dance Between Our Time

40 years from now
when we look back
on this night
will we regret 
that we had this dance?
or will we wish we had
taken a moment
to take this life
by the hand
and heart
holding each other
like in 40 years
we were going to look back
on this time
and smile at the memory
of how silly we were
to worry about our lives
and let our fear
or a tear
fall away
at the thought
that we almost let the moment
pass us by
like life has passed us by
and smile at the memory
that we didn’t let it go
we held each other
in candlelit music
playing in the space
between us
your hand on my heart
my words in your ear
I'm nervous, I know
but you mean too much
to just let go

so do me this favor
and hold out your hand
and pray for a moment
like you truly understand
what it’s like to be loved
by someone you thought you knew
even if this is new
to who we thought we were
and weren’t supposed to be
Can I share this dance
just once this time
and hold you like I’ve dreamed
so many dreams before
and take one moment
to live our deepest lives
and reflect on this memory
before we say goodbye
to who we were
and who we’ll never be