Thursday, February 14, 2008

Obama '08, pt.2

This speech is probably one of the best examples of why I am so thrilled that this guy is in the public arena at all, much less gaining much hope-filled momentum towards becoming our next president.

(UPDATE: I changed to a link rather than embedding it because it was taking up too much space and messing up my blog page layout. Still a great speach though, well worth the time to go and watch)


Kimberly said...

I was there! I have pictures! I carried a sign like the one on the podium all the way to Capitol Hill! And Obama's speech was one of the most memorable and inspirational parts of the whole experience for me. It does my heart good to know that his message really hasn't swayed.

Brook said...

VERY cool!
where are these pix? I want to see.

Kimberly said...

…well, I can’t upload the photos from work, but you can see some non-Obama pics from the same event here and here! (I’ll try and get the Obama ones up sometime this weekend… and I am still planning to do the “book meme”… I promise!)