Friday, March 18, 2011

Signs you are probably an Elitist Music Snob

The fact that music is sold in Walmart or Starbucks makes you angry. You've also gotten angry at “corporate” radio, pop stars, and the thought that people you've never met could ever listen to that stuff.

You think Vinyl sounds better. You will argue this point at length with anyone, especially those who don’t give a shit.

You’ve used the phrase “Spoon-fed” or “The Masses”.

You know not to wear the t-shirt to the concert.

When someone says “Godspeed You Black Emperor”, you know exactly what they're talking about.

Your favourite holiday falls on the 3rd Saturday in April.

You have reorganized your record collection autobiographically, and/or reorganizing your collection is an all-night (maybe even an all-week) project instead of something that takes less than an hour. People who prefer to organize their music alphabetically disgust you.

You are proud that you don’t have certain kinds of music in your collection (you know, the kind of music that somehow gets spoon-fed to the masses).

"Sold-out" is an undesirable phase in a musician's career ("Those guys used to be good before they sold-out"). To everyone else this simply means they got popular.

You like to wear a t-shirt that advertises an indie record label. This is a whole new level of superiority over the other t-shirts you have by bands that no one else has heard of.

You throw rocks at young boys walking home from school because that's the closest you can come to throwing rocks at Justin Bieber.


Manisha said...

oh dear. this made me snort/laugh most unbecomingly. i can honestly say that i have done almost all of the above.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your Top 200 Pop/Rock/Metal albums of all-time and thinking about how MY list would be much different. I 'click' on the homepage and see the blogpost heading "Are you an Elitest Music Snob?" I probably am!! HA HA No jars of Clay or Ashley Cleveland??? Tsst Tsst Tsst hehe


Brook said...

yeah, the top 200 as it stands started out as (and still is) a draft that I never got around to refining. I'd accept the argument for Jars of Clay (thought I had them in there actually), but despite the critical acclaim Ashley Cleveland gets, I've always found her music rather "blah". I think she has/had potential that she never achieved, possibly due to the confines of the CCM industry or audience.

and I am a total music snob! ;-) (although one with a sense of humour, so I'm way better than all those other music snobs who are just a-holes!)

Lumberyard said...


bent mind said...

guilty as charged!

The Bell Tower Times said...

haha very well written. The Bell Tower Times approves!

Chef Harvey said...

there called hipsters lol