Sunday, January 27, 2008

April Night Sky

(I had perhaps been reading too much Pablo Neruda, or even Bukowski, when I gave this a shot...)

Venus hung from the crescent moon
like a diamond necklace caught on its curve of light.
Is that really Venus, or just a tower in the distance?
It's the real thing, she assures me
with a touch of her hand, and her breath in my ear.
I've never seen it shine so bright before, I say, taken.
This is the best month to see the stars,
she said to me as we drove back through the open night sky,
under a million points of light
most we'll never see, city people you and me
But the country and the sea know that cherished darkness
and you and I have been there and known that light firsthand.
I've looked at that star dangling from the moon
and thought of you every single time.
I've heard music playing with my head
and wanted to dance, slowly with you,
out on the deck, out in the dark, in the middle of the water,
floating towards a deeper intimacy
I whisper a word into your ear and hold you near
with the palm of my hand on the small of your back
and the wind in between our touch blowing warm and gently...
you know exactly what I mean.
Your eyes reflect the light of the moon and the stars,
like the sea, like the ocean, like this heart
which sinks deeper in love with you.

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